Workplace Giving

If you could save someone's sight and prevent blindness in our community for less than the price of a cup of coffee would you do it?


A simple, effective and convenient way to save sight is by investing in medical research conducted by the Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) is through Workplace Giving.

All you need to do is ask your HR department to set up regular payroll deductions from each pay cycle to be donated to QEI Foundation. This lowers administration costs for our charity and you will receive an immediate pre-tax benefit!

For example, $5 per week ($260 p.a.) could fund 100 experiments to test new drugs that might protect the retina from damaging inflammation. This only costs you $3.50* pre-tax! That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee to save sight!

You probably won’t notice the difference to your pay but with your ongoing support your donation becomes a larger one over time and it has the potential to ultimately save sight, so we can have the vision to see the future.

You can even double your impact by asking your employer to match your donations! That could be $10 to QEI and it only cost you $3.50 and if your colleagues come on board too, it adds up pretty quickly! A donation of $10 per week ($520 p.a.) could enable our scientists to take a pinprick of a patient’s own eye cells and grow 10 million cells within one month. This could provide better treatment outcomes for up to 10 patients.

*Based on an average fundraising cost of 30% **Marginal tax rate of 10% applied for employee earning between $37,001-$87,000 (1 Million Donors, 2018). Use this tax calculator to see how much your donation actually costs you.

Your benefits as an Employee

  • Your donation over $2 is resulting in immediate tax savings.
  • There is no need for receipts.
  • It’s effortless – your payroll department takes care of it.
  • It’s flexible – you donate as much or as little as you like.
  • Provides you with an opportunity to feel good about helping QEI continue their medical research, education, future treatment and cures and clinical care.
  • A greater sense of purpose at work.

Your benefits as an Employer

  • Workplace Giving is an opportunity to engage with your workforce and can assist with employee attraction and retention.
  • You will enhance employee engagement, on-the-job motivation, attract talent, drive employee morale, satisfaction, organisational pride and develop positive organisational culture.
  • You will show a commitment to shareholders, employees and customers towards the safety and wellbeing of people within your community.
  • The program is easy to set up and low cost to maintain. 

Contact us today

QEI Foundation’s Workplace Giving program is about much more than just donations. Our highly trained staff can tailor a presentation to explain the work of QEI and the benefits of Workplace Giving to your business. We also provide health information booklets about eye disease from our program areas.

For more information please contact our Partnerships Manager, Rachell Hansen on (07) 3239 5055 or via email on

Workplace Giving FAQs

These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Workplace Giving.