Workplace giving.

Give your employees the opportunity to make regular donations to us through your payroll system.

Workplace giving

One of the most effective ways employees and employers can support the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation is through workplace giving. A workplace giving program is set up by an employer so that their employees can donate to us directly from their pay.

Through workplace giving you can make a difference to our life changing medical research while you go about your daily work. 

It doesn't take much - in fact, you probably won't notice the difference to your pay - but with your ongoing support your donation becomes a larger one over time.

With no government funding the Queensland Eye Institute’s survival relies on its own fundraising efforts and donations. 

Benefits for the employee

If you choose to donate to the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation through your pay:

  • Donations more than $2 are deducted from an your salary before it is taxed, resulting in immediate tax savings.  
  • Reduces your taxable income without the need for receipts;
  • Provides you with an opportunity to feel good about helping the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation continue their medical research, education and clinical care;
  • Its effortless, since all donations are made through the payroll department, you don’t need to do anything once it's all set up;
  • Allows you to donate as much or as little as you like.

Benefits for the employer

Workplace giving is a way for businesses to support the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation. It is a simple way to enhance your business’ involvement in the community and has significant business, employee and community benefits. Workplace giving is a great way for businesses to demonstrate commitment to the causes their employees are passionate about.

Introducing a Queensland Eye Institute Foundation workplace giving program can:

  • Give you an opportunity to engage with your workforce and can assist with employee attraction and retention.
  • Be a powerful tool to drive employee morale, satisfaction and organisational pride.
  • Show a commitment to shareholders, employees and customers towards the safety and well being of people within your community.

The program is easy to set up and low cost to maintain. Employers can also further support their employees efforts through donation matching, workplace fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support.

The Queensland Eye Institute Foundation workplace giving program is about much more than just donations. Our highly trained staff can tailor a presentation to explain the work of the Queensland Eye Institute and the benefits of workplace giving to your business. We also provide health information booklets about eye disease from our program areas.

For more information please contact our Fundraising Manager on 07 3239 5050 or via email on  .