Clinical trials confirm whether new medicines and treatments are safe and effective to introduce as new treatments for a particular disease or condition.

Current clinical trials

Current clinical trials

Review trials underway at QEI and find out if you are eligible to participate.

current trials
Information for interested participants

Information for interested participants

Frequently asked questions to help you decide to participate.

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Information for sponsors and collaborators

Information for sponsors and collaborators

Up-to-date information on our clinical trials capacity.

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Our clinical trials program is bringing the world’s best treatments to patients with eye diseases.

At the Queensland Eye Institute we are committed to supporting initiatives that improve health outcomes for patients with eye disease including improved access to new drugs that may be more effective than those currently available. 

Clinical trials are essential to the development of new medications. Each study is designed to answer questions and find better ways to screen, diagnose, prevent or treat a disease or condition. Some investigations look at how people respond to new treatments. This helps to determine if a new medication works, if it is safe, and if it is better than what is already available. They might also compare existing medications, test new ways to use or combine existing medications or observe how people respond to other factors that might affect their health such as dietary changes. 

By participating in a clinical trial, patients can access treatments not currently available to them. If a clinical trial is successful, the drug can go on to become a new treatment option for patients in the wider community. 

Here you'll find information on the clinical trials currently underway at the Queensland Eye Institute and answers to some frequently asked questions. For people considering taking part in a clinical trial, it is important to first understand the reasons behind the trial and what it involves, in order to understand potential benefits and risks. Your doctor, local health care professional and family members can guide you in making the decision that is best for you. 

If you would like further information on the clinical trials currently underway at QEI you can contact the study research staff on 07 3239 5000 or email